Monday, April 04, 2005

Good Lord

So, I caved in to the pressure to finally start my own blog. The theme for this year seems to be doing things I never thought myself capable of. To wit: shaving my sideburns off, learning to enjoy eggplant, asparagus, and raw tomatoes, and adopting my father's fondness for books on tape as well as his view that salt is a beverage. Then, we have the following: being done with Stanford, living in a dead house, lacking long-term employment, and continuing to go to EBF every Wednesday. Makes one think a bit, that. The big shocker: I'm not so different. Big shocker - like my friend says, girls take shits too. The way I justify this, of course, is by "being the best I can be...considering" (credit the cult classic "The Red Green Show" for this gem of a mantra). So, I will pledge to my faithful, if imaginary readership that this blog will be a clearinghouse for quality - quality thoughts, quality ranting, quality sports analysis, and what dreams may come.